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Cortina bicycles: stylish bikes of good quality

Cortina is known for its trendy designs, colorful frames, and attention to detail. The goal of Cortina is to get you, the city, and the future in motion. For many people, a bike is an essential part of their daily lives and something they can't do without.

Cortina bicycles are used intensively. They get dirty, fall over, and get covered in snow, which is why the bikes not only look good but are also built to withstand tough conditions. In short, a Cortina bike is a bike you can rely on—a bike that won't let you down

The origin of Cortina

Cortina was launched in 2006 as a Dutch bicycle brand by the company Gruppo International. A young brand with a lot of recognition for its stylish city bikes. Cortina started with a vision to create bikes that were not only practical but also stylish and comfortable for everyday use in the city. Cortina bicycles are designed to meet the needs of urban dwellers with convenient features and accessories that make cycling in an urban environment user-friendly

"Cortina stands for a stylish bike with a fashionable design and high quality."

Lease your fashionable Cortina through your employer?

Cortina is a well-known Dutch bicycle brand. Notable models from Cortina include the E-U4 transport, U4-transport, Common and mother bikes. In collaboration with Lease a Bike, Cortina offers attractive leasing options for companies looking to provide their employees with stylish bikes. Whether you are in search of city bikes or electric bikes for daily use, it's always nice to ride a leased bike through your employer. Cortina has the perfect bike that meets your needs.

A lease bike: is it something for me?

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