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When searching for the perfect bike, it is essential to invest in quality and performance. One brand that consistently meets these requirements is CUBE. CUBE is a leading German bike brand known for its uncompromising attention to detail, innovation and passion for creating bikes that are both functional and stylish. Every bike that rolls out of the CUBE factory has been designed, assembled, and thoroughly tested.

The Origin of CUBE

CUBE has a rich history dating back to 1993, when it was founded in Waldershof, Germany. Since then, CUBE has built an unparalleled reputation in the bicycle industry. CUBE has always focused on creating high-quality bikes for every cyclist, from commuters to recreational riders and professional cyclists.This commitment to quality has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions. One key feature that sets CUBE apart is its constant pursuit of innovative technology. The brand integrates the latest developments in the bike industry into all of their models. Whether you are looking for a powerful e-bike for fast commutes or a rugged mountain bike for adventurous rides, CUBE offers a wide collection.

An example of innovation is the integrated battery technology in CUBE electric bikes. These batteries seamlessly integrate into the frame, giving the bike a streamlined look, being maintenance-friendly, and protecting the battery. Additionally, CUBE places great importance on sustainability and environmental awareness. They understand the growing need for greener transportation options and contribute to a cleaner planet by producing high-quality bikes. While bikes are already environmentally friendly modes of transport, CUBE goes further by using sustainable materials and production methods.

"CUBE distinguishes itself through a constant pursuit of innovative technology"

Corporate offerings and leasing options

Whether you need a city bike, road bike, electric bike, or mountain bike, CUBE has it all. Their extensive range provides options for cyclists of all kinds. Moreover, various sizes and specifications are available, ensuring you find the perfect CUBE bike to fit your needs. 

CUBE's commitment to quality and innovation makes the brand an excellent choice for companies looking to lease bikes for their employees. Offering CUBE bikes as a leasing option not only shows appreciation for the well-being of your employees but also promotes healthier lifestyles and environmental awareness. In collaboration with Lease a Bike, CUBE provides attractive options for companies looking to offer their employees high-quality bikes. Whether you're looking for comfortable e-bikes for city riding or sporty models for adventure rides, CUBE has the perfect bikes to meet your company's needs.

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