Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes

Urban Arrow: the electric cargo bike for the city and beyond.

The electric cargo bikes from Urban Arrow have a well thought-out design. The seating position of the children in the cargo box is comfortably low, providing better stability and maneuverability for the Urban Arrow. In the electric cargo bike from Urban Arrow, called 'the Family', three children can ride safely, each with a three-point seat belt. For smaller families, there is also the more compact 'Shorty', suitable for one child or lots of stuff you want to bring along. Safety and riding experience are paramount with every Urban Arrow. With optional extras such as an extra front seat, rain cover or car seat adapter, you can customize your bike to your family's needs. You can also secure your Urban Arrow against theft with the built-in GPS module and app. Your bike becomes so versatile that you might leave your car in the driveway.

Lease your electric cargo bike from Urban Arrow

As the name suggests, an Urban Arrow shoots through city traffic like an arrow. An electric cargo bike from Urban Arrow is robust, reliable and agile at the same time, allowing you to zig-zag confidently through traffic. The lightweight frame, electric assistance, and continuously variable transmission provide a comfortable and stable riding experience. Ride as you normally would, but with added comfort and stability. The expanded polypropylene (EPP) cargo box (the same material used for helmets) forms a barrier around your most precious cargo and everyone you zip past. You can lease a safe and comfortable Urban Arrow cargo bike when your employer offers a bike plan. And why wouldn't he?

Urban Arrow: electric cargo bikes since 2010

Since 2010, Urban Arrow has been a market leader in designing and producing electric cargo bikes. Meanwhile, more than 90,000 cargo bikes are already on the road in more than 26 countries. Did you know that Urban Arrow also has bikes for businesses? With their specially designed cargobikes they aim to reduce the number of cars and delivery vans on the road even further. Companies like Coolblue or DHL already deliver with Urban Arrow bikes. The cargo bike brand wants to make cities even more livable. Will you help contribute to a more sustainable city?

"Safety and driving experience come first with every electric cargo bike from Urban Arrow"

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