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Veloretti: sounds Italian, but is a Dutch bicycle brand at heart. Internet-only, so your new lease bike is just a few clicks away. Veloretti stands for affordable, high-quality bikes, without any frills, but with that distinctive urban vibe. If you lease a Veloretti through your employer, you not only benefit from low costs, but you are also completely covered. Maintenance and insurance are included with your bike plan. How easy!

Veloretti: recognizable and timeless designs since 2013

You can recognize the bicycles of Veloretti by their timeless design. The philosophy of Veloretti is ‘forever forward’, the brand looks ahead and strives for innovation without deviating from their heritage. The Dutch founder, Ferry Zonder, likes to offer a recognizable collection, full of ‘evergreens’. He has been doing this since 2013, as Veloretti is still a young brand. One that has already conquered our continent. Veloretti bicycles can be found everywhere. Also typical Veloretti: an excellent and thorough customer service.

"Sleek and timeless designs that make every ride an experience"

Your Veloretti Ivy to Veloretti Ace through your employer

Veloretti bikes are designed in Amsterdam and hand-built in European factories to the highest standards. Its e-bikes are called 'Ivy' and 'Ace' and are real top performers in company bike plans. You can now lease them at low costs online, including accessories. What's interesting is that Veloretti also delivers true 'company bikes'. These are bikes personalized to your company. This makes cycling on a lease bike even more attractive.

Your Veloretti Ivy to Veloretti Ace through your employer

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