A bike lease scheme for every company size

The benefits of bike leasing for an employer

Secondary benefits

The bike is the most wanted secondary employee benefit. At no additional costs and outside the work expenses scheme.

Quick and easy

Get your employees in 4 simple steps on the bike of their dreams. Through our automated platform, you can offer your employees a personalized bike plan.

Tax benefit

Leasing a bike instead of buying is 25% up to 80% more beneficial for your employees. Furthermore, you save up to 20% on social security contributions, you can reinvest that same amount in monthly lease expenses

Fit employees

Healthier and happier employees! This means 1 to 2 days less absenteeism. 6 out of 10 employees feel more fit after starting to lease a bike.

The bike lease scheme of 2023: What employers want to know

No additional costs

You can even boost the scheme in a cost-neutral way. You can choose to reinvest the savings in social security contributions, for example, which averages €20 p/m per employee. Optionally, you can choose to make a contribution or bear the full cost of the lease amount.

Outside the WKR

The lease bike falls outside the Dutch WKR scheme (expense allowance scheme), since there is no direct transfer of ownership. The bike is offered, rather than provided to the employee. The employer's contribution also falls outside the scheme.

Gross-net costs

The employee pays for the lease bike by exchanging (part of) the monthly lease amount with their gross salary. This condition, amongst others, is stated within the addendum.

Save on social costs

The lease amount is monthly deducted from the employee's gross salary. As an employer, you therefore pay less on social security costs during the lease period (36 months), this amounts to 15-20% of the monthly lease amount.

Private usage

There is no legal minimum for commuting distances. Besides, it is possible to use the bike for private purposes only. For this reason, however, a 7% additional tax is always charged to the employee.

Travel allowance

The untaxed travel allowance can be paid in combination with the lease bike. Note that the employee is not entitled to the allowance for the kilometers travelled between home and work using the lease bike.

Minimal administration

Lease a Bike offers a fully digital and automated platform that is easy to integrate within your payroll system. Sign up and get your employees on a bike within 24 hours.

How does bike leasing work for an employer?

Offering a bike lease scheme to your employees is free of charge for you as an employer. The following two options can be chosen from:

1) the employer can offer the scheme without additional costs, in this way the employer can reinvest the savings on social charges, contributing an average of €20 p/m; 2) the employer pays part or all of the monthly leasing costs. Any contributions fall outside the WKR and your employee can fully offset the lease costs against his/her gross salary. This provides a gross-net benefit of 25 to 80%, including taking over the bike at the end of the 36 months. Calculate using this tool how you employees can benefit from this.

Choose a bike type
Retail price
Gross monthly salary
Service & insurance package
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Till €150 / year
Monthly costs
Total savings

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How does Lease a Bike work?


Sign up

Register your business within 5 minutes. After your registration we will perform a credit check for you. On working days you will receive a response from us within 24 hours. After approval you will receive the terms and conditions which can be signed digitally. Then you will get access to our online platform.


Set the terms

You set the terms. Who is responsible for the cost of bike? The company or employee? Or possibly together? Share the registration link with your employees. Your employees can register using this link.


Get on the bike

You are in complete control: each employee registration must be approved by you. You do this with one simple click. Afterwards your employee is able to go to the bike store. The rest goes automatically within the platform.



Don't worry, we have got this covered for you. A real-time overview on our digital platform always gives you complete insight and all the information you need for your payroll administration.

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A lease bike for every company

Your needs

Lease a Bike is fully equipped to meet your needs. You decide: pay the full lease rate, a fixed amount per month or cost-neutral €20.

The perfect fit

We will help to get you started. From standard bike policies to tax and practical advice. Simply set up the employee conditions and together we will go through our digital platform.

We are here to help

To make sure your bike scheme is a success, we offer a ready-to-use promotional package. With tips, best practices and promotional materials to share with your employees

Easy and quick

We have a nationwide dealer network. Therefore, there is always a local dealer just around the corner. Your employees can choose from any type of bike and over 350 brands.

Offer the bike scheme

Companies that got on a lease bike

Our mission? All working individuals on a bike.

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462 Google Reviews
katarzyna plocica
November 29, 2023
Chantal Bennink
November 27, 2023
Goede service, snel geregeld, had een probleem maar dat is adequaat opgepakt en goed opgelost, kan Lease a BIke zeker aanbevelen
Cristy Elmendorp
November 27, 2023
De ondersteuning die ik heb gekregen van Lease a Bike en specifiek Ria is ronduit uitstekend! Ze was zo attent, sympathiek en bereid om een ​​oplossing voor mijn situatie te vinden. Ze volgde mij ook persoonlijk op en deed haar uiterste best om mij te helpen. Ik zal Lease a Bike zeker aanbevelen aan mijn netwerk en hopelijk in de toekomst klant worden.
Pieter Holtermans
November 26, 2023
Snel geregeld en super service!
Wil en Sabine Körver
November 15, 2023
Alles duidelijk en goed geregeld.
micha jeurink
November 14, 2023
Ik heb in notime een geweldige leasefiets waar ik maar n gering bedrag voor hoef te betalen van mijn bruto loon. Super! En dat het via een fietsenzaak in mijn buurt gaat is helemaal fijn. Als er iers is kan ik zo daarheen en word alles gefixt en kost mij dat niets. Dikke aanrader. Elk goed bedrijf zou dit voor zijn medewerkers moeten bieden. Zo kan iedereen op een gezonde manier toch vlot naar zn werk óf zoals ik van cliënt naar cliënt. Dikke duim voor jullie en een verdiende 5sterren omdat je niet meer kan geven.
Frank De Haan
November 06, 2023
Zeer tevrede van A tot Z en zeker ook met de goede service van Lobbe Tweewielers uit Terheijden!
Alida van Bruggen
November 06, 2023
Een hele goede service. Heb een geweldig fiets waar ik met plezier op fiets.
Wietse Adema
November 04, 2023
Ik ben super tevreden met lease a bike! Het proces van werkgever naar lease a bike ging heel erg soepel en kon al snel mijn fiets halen, ik ben er super blij mee!
Jan B
November 04, 2023
Snelle en makkelijke afhandeling bij het aanschaffen van een leasefiets bij onze fietsenwinkel.

A year ago I opted for an electric cargo bike. To my own surprise, I already covered 1,200 km with it. My 1.5 year old son is also a big fan!


Rotterdam Airport


I always wanted to get from A to B as quickly as I could, preferably by car. Since I own this bike, I am using it a lot. I move more than ever before and I really pay attention to my surroundings.


Konica Minolta


Climbing Kilimanjaro and the wildlife along the way; it made a deep impression on me. The trip and the training kilometers increased my love for cycling.




Choose from all types of bikes from more than 350+ brands

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Are there any costs associated with the lease bicycle plan?

No, as a company you can offer the bicycle plan to your colleagues free of charge.

What happens to the bicycle when an employee leaves the company before the end of the lease period?

When an employee with an active lease leaves the company, the agreements contained in the addendum take effect. This document is entered into by each employee before the lease bike can be selected. We provide an example of the addendum. This states, for example, that the colleague who leaves the company must make a net payment for the remaining lease installments. In this construction, your company pays off the remaining instalments to the lease company. If your company does not want to include this condition, we facilitate three options for the company where you work in order to minimise your risk:

  • The colleague who leaves the company pays off the remaining lease instalments (without service and insurance costs).
  • The colleague who leaves the company can have the existing lease contract taken over by a colleague within the company.

How do I arrange the administration?

To support you throughout the journey, we have developed a digital platform that you can use for free. Here you can manage all processes and let all parties (the company you work for, all employees and the bicycle store) come together to arrange everything. The administration is also a breeze: you can arrange most things with one push of a button. Of course we are always there for you if you have any questions about the platform, so that you can enter the leaseplan without any worries.

How does the 7% tax credit work?

First you add 7% of the (recommended) retail price of the bicycle to the income of your cycling colleague. Then you deduct wage (income) tax from this. This is also shown on the paycheck.

Suppose the new price of the chosen bicycle is € 2,500 and the yearly (annual) addition is € 175. If you divide this amount by 12 (months), you arrive at € 14.58 of addition per month. You add this amount to your gross income. This means that each month tax is also paid on this amount. If you then calculate this again, that extra tax comes down to about € 5 per month.

How does the gross/net benefit work?

If your organization cannot or will not pay the full lease amount, the employee leasing the bicycle can voluntarily offset ('exchange') the lease costs and the service and insurance package against the gross salary. The gross salary then decreases slightly, which also means that there is less tax to pay. This way the gross/net benefit has advantages, which even without a contribution from the employer can be up to 35% tax advantage over a private purchase.

Which brands and kind of bicycles does Lease a Bike offer?

We offer all types of bicycles, which is well over 200! From e-bikes to granny bikes and mountain bikes to electric cargo bikes.

Where can my colleagues pick up their bicycles?

With over 1100 affiliated bike stores, there is always one that is near you. You can go to the local bike store around the corner, but also to one of the specialty stores across the country. For purchase and maintenance. This way your colleagues can get on their bicycles without a care in the world. Check our dealer locator for all connected bike stores.

How do I manage the lease contracts in payroll?

For your convenience, all new lease contracts take effect as of the first day of the month. Even if your colleague picks up the bicycle before that time. This is because we make a distinction between the day of issue and the start date of the contract:

  • Day of issue - as of this date, tax addition is calculated
  • Start date of contract - as of the first of the month, your cycling colleague pays a monthly lease amount for 36 months

If your company pays the entire amount, you only need to process the addition in the paycheck. If your company makes a contribution or only facilitates the lease, you process both the addition and the monthly lease amount in the paycheck records.

Who handles the insurance and maintenance?

Our goal is to make it as carefree as possible for (unburden/easy) you. That's why we provide all our bikes with standard all-risk insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. In addition, your colleague can choose between the following maintenance packages at a competitive rate:

  • Basic Package: up to € 100 (incl. VAT) per year covered 
  • Standard package: up to € 150 (incl. VAT) per year covered
  • Premium package: everything will be covered, i.e. there are no risks (only available for E-Bikes)
  • Speed Pedelec package: up to €300 (incl. VAT) per year covered (including third-party insurance)

The exact insurance amount depends on the price of the bicycle. The monthly service and insurance costs are included in the lease price.

In what forms can we offer the bike plan?

Each company can create and design its own lease plan. To give you an idea of what that might look like, we give three examples:

  • The company pays the full, monthly lease cost. Your colleague pays 7% additional tax each month. This can be done as a fringe benefit, as part of the mobility budget or from the lease car budget. 
  • The company pays a fixed amount per month. Your colleague pays the rest.
  • The company facilitates the lease arrangement. Your colleague pays the lease costs by voluntarily exchanging the gross salary and this is still up to 35% cheaper than a private purchase. 

In sum, your cycling colleague could be dealing with two expenses:

  • The monthly lease costs (plus service and maintenance costs)
  • 7% additional tax. These costs are always for the employee, as compensation for the private use of the bicycle.
What about the untaxed allowance per kilometre?

The untaxed allowance can be combined with the lease bike. This is how it works: 

For commuter kilometers with the lease bicycle there is no right to the untaxed kilometer compensation. But for the kilometers covered by other means of transport - such as your own car or public transport - you may continue to pay the kilometer compensation.


Suppose that before the bike plan, your colleague went to work five days a week by private car. They received an allowance for this. Now that the colleague has a lease bike, they cycle to work two days a week and three days a week use their own car. This means that you can continue to pay a kilometer allowance for three days a week. As a company, you can of course reinvest the two days of allowance in the lease amount at no cost, which means the company employee pays a lower monthly amount.

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