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Why a mountain bike?

Everything you need to know about a mountain bike

A mountain bike, also known as an off-road bike, is designed for rugged environments and adrenaline-pumping adventures. With its robust frame and advanced suspension system, a mountain bike offers the ultimate versatility to traverse diverse terrains, from steep mountain trails to muddy descents, with optimum control and grip. Mountain bikes exude an adventurous spirit and are ideal for exploration and intense off-road riding.

A mountain bike's handlebars provide stability, while its design is optimised for off-road performance, allowing you to overcome obstacles effortlessly. Lightweight and efficient, mountain bikes are your ticket to undiscovered trails and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you venture into the wilderness solo or set off with a group of adventurers, mountain bikes open doors to new heights and challenging terrain.

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Benefits of a mountain bike

Any mountain bike type & brand

Choice of all types of mountain bikes from over 100 brands at over 1,500 locally affiliated bike shops.

Sustainable choice

Cycling to work is better for the environment. One bike saves as much CO2 as three flights to Paris.

All-in lease price

Carefree on the road. Your mountain bike always includes maintenance, insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Fiscal benefit

Leasing a bike is 25% to 80% cheaper than buying, at no cost to the employer and outside the WKR.

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Frequently asked questions mountain bikes

What is important with a mountain bike?

After all, the most important thing about a mountain bike is the frame. If you have a good base, you can move forward with that. After the frame, the fork and tyres are important. Together with the frame, these determine how the bike rides, how easy it is to turn and how much grip you have.

Wat is mountainbiken eigenlijk?

A mountain bike or terrain bike (literally mountain bike), also called MTB or ATB (all-terrain bicycle, Dutch: allterrainbike), is a bicycle made to ride offroad, on unpaved roads or trails. This is called mountain biking.

What makes a mountain bike different?

Mountain bike frames have a shorter reach and a top tube designed to keep the handlebars closer to the rider for better handling . This creates a more upright but less aerodynamic riding position.