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Why an urban bike?

Everything you need to know about an urban bike

The urban bike, a trendy two-wheeler that manoeuvres effortlessly through city streets, making it perfect for your daily urban adventures. Combining style and functionality, this bike offers the ideal means of transport for short distances around town. With a sleek design and comfortable riding position, the urban bike makes every ride a pleasure.

Whether you opt for a sporty version or prefer a model that blends seamlessly into the urban landscape, there is something for everyone! The powerful motor and integrated battery provide smooth support, allowing you to ride through busy streets and over bumpy roads with ease. The battery can be discreetly incorporated into the frame or practically placed on the luggage rack.

Curious about the latest trends in urban bikes? Find out why the urban bike was such a popular choice in 2021 and find out more in our blogs. Cycle around town with style and ease with the urban bike!

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Benefits of an urban bike

Any type & brand of urban bike

Choice of all types of urban bikes from over 100 brands at over 1,500 locally affiliated bike shops.

Sustainable choice

Cycling to work is better for the environment. One bike saves as much CO2 as three flights to Paris.

All-in lease price

Carefree on the road. Your urban bike always includes maintenance, insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Fiscal benefit

Leasing a bike is 25% to 80% cheaper than buying, at no cost to the employer and outside the WKR.

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Frequently asked questions urban bikes

What is mandatory on a bicycle?

A bell, which you must be able to hear at 20 metres from the bike. a white reflector at the front. a red reflector at the back. yellow or orange pedal reflectors on both pedals.

What is prohibited while cycling?

You must not hold electronic devices such as mobile phones, navigation systems, tablets or music players while cycling. Hands-free calling and listening to music are allowed, however. When stationary, you are allowed to hold and use your phone or other mobile electronic device.

Does a bicycle always have the right of way?

Cyclists and motor vehicles are now equal before the law. This means that the main rule of priority now applies. The main rule on priority is that traffic coming from the right has priority over traffic coming from the left. Now, a cyclist coming from the right has priority over cyclists, cars scooters and all other drivers.