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The benefits of leasing a bike as a self-employed person.

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The benefits of leasing a bike as a self-employed person.

Tax benefit

The monthly lease amount is a business expense that you can deduct from your annual profit. Leasing a bicycle is much more affordable than buying. You save up to 35%.


Don't worry about unexpected costs. Your lease amount includes insurance, maintenance and 24/7 breakdown assistance. We've got you covered.

Own the bike

Do you want to continue cycling after the lease period? No problem! You can take over your leased bicycle for about 20%. Including takeover, you are up to 35% cheaper than buying privately.

Purchase price

By leasing, you don't have to pay a large purchase price, but only a small amount per month. This leaves you with more budget to invest in other things.

All you need to know about leasing a bike

Lease a bike on a business basis

Implementing a bike plan as a self-employed offers you a fiscal advantage. The lease amount is deductible from your profit and not in salary. The lease costs can be entered as business expenses, which reduces your profit tax.

VAT deduction

The lease amount is a business expense, since it is deducted from the profit you pay yourself. The maximum VAT deduction for the lease bike is €749 (€130 VAT) per 36 months. This must be corrected (year-end) in the VAT return.

Fixed addition

The fixed addition is 7% of the recommended retail price. This because you are able to ride your bike in your spare time as well. All bike kilometres are considered private, so the addition is always mandatory.


You are not entitled to the small-scale investment deduction (KIA), environmental investment deduction (MIA) or the VAMIL because Lease a Bike is a fully operational lease.

Work versus private use

There is no legal minimum for commuting. It is possible to use the bicycle for private purposes only. On the days that you do not use the bicycle for commuting, you can continue to receive a travel allowance.

Lease versus private purchase

When you buy a bicycle privately and count it as company assets, you are obliged by law to cycle 10% of the kilometres for business purposes. With operational lease, you do not have this obligation. Leasing a bicycle gives you more freedom.

Other allowances

You are not entitled to the Small-scale Investment Allowance (KIA), Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and the VAMIL because it concerns a full operational lease. In addition, VAMIL and MIA are only applicable for speed pedelecs and cargo bikes

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What others say

The stories of people that joined the ride.

The whole process was easy to arrange. It was smooth and simple. The contact with the local bike dealer was also very nice.
Sandra Heijink
Having the joys but not the burdens. That’s the most important thing for me. With this arrangement, I have chosen convenience. I like the idea that everything is well taken care of in case of unexpected damage or theft of the bike.
Ine de Reus
A huge compliment to the dealer for helping me and taking care of everything. Digital is not my strong suit. Nevertheless, it went very easily.
Leo van Eeden

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I am a self-employed entrepreneur, is it possible to lease a bicycle?

Absolutely! The bike plan has recently become fiscally lucrative for self-employed people too. The monthly lease amount is a business expense. These costs and expenses result in a lower profit. This in turn provides a tax advantage.

Take the e-bike: the average purchase price nowadays is around € 3,000. With a bike plan, you pay this amount divided into monthly amounts. This leaves more room for other investments.

What about the untaxed allowance per kilometre?

You can easily combine the untaxed allowance per kilometer with the lease bike. This is how it works:

You are not entitled to the untaxed kilometer compensation for commuter kilometers with the lease bike. But for the kilometers you travel by other means of transportation - such as your own car or public transport - you may continue to pay the kilometer compensation.


Before the bike plan, you commuted to work five days a week in your own car. You received a kilometer allowance for this. Now that you have a leased bicycle, you cycle to work two days a week and three days a week by private car. This means that you can continue to receive an allowance per kilometer for three days a week.

How does the 7% tax benefit work?

First you add 7% of the retail price of the bicycle to your income. Then other costs are deducted from this.


Suppose the new price of the chosen bicycle is € 2,500 and the yearly addition is € 175. If you divide this amount by 12 (months), you arrive at € 14.58 of addition per month. You add this amount to your gross income. This means that each month tax is also paid on this amount. If you then calculate this again, that extra tax comes down to about € 5 per month.

I am self employed, am I also eligible for the new bike plan?

Absolutely! It is also interesting for self-employed people to get a lease bicycle. Would you like to know more? Click here for more information or send your question to us via the contact form.

How do I arrange the administration?

To support you throughout the journey, we have developed a digital platform that you can use for free. Here you can manage all processes and let all parties (the company you work for, all employees and the bicycle store) come together to arrange everything. The administration is also a breeze: you can arrange most things with one push of a button. Of course we are always there for you if you have any questions about the platform, so that you can enter the leaseplan without any worries.

Where can I pick up my bicycle?

With over 1100 affiliated bike stores, there is always one that is near you. You can go to the local bike store around the corner, but also to one of the specialty stores across the country. For purchase and maintenance. This way you can get on their bicycles without a care in the world. Check our dealer locator for all connected bike stores.

What does the registration process look like?

You can register your business via our website in just five minutes. Once we receive your registration, we will run a credit check. We'll get back to you with the response within two business days. After approval you will receive the terms and conditions, which can be signed digitally. Then you get access to our online platform, activate your account and automatically receive the Lease a Bike order code to choose your bike at the local bike store.

How long does the lease contract run?

The lease runs for 36 months.

What happens to the bike after 36 months?

After 36 months, you’ll get the option to take over the leased bike from us for about 15% of the purchase price.

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