Van Raam specialized bike

Van Raam bicycles: bicycles for people with disabilities

If you have a disability, you don't want to be limited in your mobility. Van Raam bicycles understands that best. Under the motto ‘Let's all cycle’, it makes bicycles that are adapted in such a way that everyone can (continue to) enjoy the independence and freedom that go with cycling. The specialization of Van Raam includes tricycles, wheelchair bicycles, and low step-through bicycles, always according to the principle of customization. They build electrical and non-electrical bicycles for both adults and children according to individual preferences. Comfort, durability and design are the top priorities.

Save up to €1.000

Even more interestingly, by leasing your Van Raam bike through your employer, the bicycle is yours with a 20-80% discount. This can save you up to €1.000 compared to purchasing it privately. This is how Lease a Bike makes cycling accessible to everyone.

Van Raam: special needs bicycles since 1910

Van Raam is the manufacturer of special needs bicycles. The family-owned company, originally from Amsterdam, has been around for over 110 years and is a global market leader. From their location in Varsseveld, Gelderland, they build more than 15.000 custom bikes each year. Their secret? A modern production line equipped with innovative machines, including welding robots and 3D printers and scanners that provide all the conveniences. More than a quarter of a million people now ride a Van Raam special needs bicycle.

"Van Raam builds tricycles, wheelchair bicycles, and low-step through bicycles. Always custom-made"

From double rider bikes to tricycles

Van Raam builds two types of bikes: models designed to ride alone and models to join together. The first group includes the Easy Rider tricycle, the scooter bike, the Balance low-step through bike and the walking aid. Those who want to ride together can choose from the Fun2Go duo-bike, the well-known tandem, the wheelchair bike or the VeloPlus cargobike. Also unique is the 'Chat'. This is a rickshaw with room for one driver and up to two passengers. Most of Van Raam's bikes can be ordered (and be part of a company bike plan) with pedal assist, which is very convenient.

A lease bike: is it something for me?

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