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Benefits of being a Lease a Bike dealer

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Sell high quality bikes

Bike leasing means that people are able to select bikes from a higher price range. The average sales price of a lease bike is 30% higher than an average consumer bike. As a registered Lease a Bike dealer, these sales are made in your store.

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Service & maintenance

Benefit from long-term customer loyalty and a certain additional source of income thanks to the included all-round protection for every lease bike. You can easily submit and invoice service & maintenance via your own cash register system

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Own acquisition

Heard the baker next door complaining about his old bike? As Lease a Bike-bike dealer it is also possible to carry out your own acquisition. So, use your own regional network!

No paper work

Selling a bike within 10 minutes? Yes its possible! Contracts are digitally signed and invoices are submitted automatically. No paperwork needs to be done.

How it works

How to become part of Lease a Bike


Sign up

Register your store in just 5 minutes. We will process the registration and let you know within a week whether you can become a member of our network. 



Nice to have you on board! You will receive an email to activate your account to which you can then set everything up. 


Online training

To help you and your team get started, we have an online training course to better understand the lease scheme. This way you can help your customers better.


Start selling bikes

You can then immediately submit the lease request. Sell the bike within 10 minutes and you will be paid within 48 hours. 

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What others say

Bike dealers of the Lease a Bike network.

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''You can tell that Lease a Bike's platform has been active in Germany for years. This puts Lease a Bike way ahead of other leasing parties. The platform is very user-friendly and easy to understand''.
Rijwielhandel Duyst
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'The great thing about the Lease a Bike platform is its simplicity. Everything is easy to go through step by step. And it's clear to both us as a dealer and the customer. The accessibility of Lease a Bike is also very positive. My questions are answered quickly and clearly by chat or telephone.
E-bike store - Mike van Vliet
Pexels Mart Production 7706579 Medium testimonial green
We also offer the Lease a Bike scheme to our own staff. The benefits are well known and we know how easy it is to arrange, so it's just a small step. And a bike scheme is an excellent secondary employment condition. You show appreciation to your colleagues
Antilope - Hilversum
Img Dealer testimonial green
'In the early 2020s we noticed that it was a bit difficult, because the knowledge about the lease bike was lacking. Now we notice that more and more companies have joined Lease a Bike. Many large companies here in Assen as well. We notice that because more and more employees come to our store to lease a bike.''
Anjo Jager fietsen - Remon Jager
Img Blackbike testimonial green
''The disbursement from Lease a Bike is super fast. I never have a question about this. No discussion possible about it''.
Jansen2Wielers - Michel Heerdink

Service, maintenance and repair

Facilitated by FietsROB

  • The employee chooses one of our four service and maintenance packages: Basic (up to € 100 / year), Standard (up to € 150 / year), Premium E-bike (unlimited) and speed pedelec (up to € 300 / year) + and a package for speed pedelecs.
  • The employee chooses a service package during the ordering process at your store in the platform.
  • Cost coverage up to the maximum annual budget. If the maintenance is higher, the remaining costs can be claimed from the employee.
  • The Premium package is only available for an e-bike

Damage and theft
  • In the case of theft of an e-bike or city bike, the employee has nog excess. However, for an (e-)racing bike, (e-)mountain bike, speed-pedelec or (e-)cargo bike, the excess is 10% of the retail price if the bike is not equipped with a GPS tracker with recovery service.
  • In the case of damage, the employee's own risk is € 25.
  • All bikes are insured with VWPFS. You can easily report a claim or theft via an online form.

  • FietsROB is the platform where all service and maintenance for Lease a Bike can be submitted.
  • When you register with Lease a Bike, you automatically get access to the FietsROB platform. You can link FietsROB to your own cash register registration system.
  • Service & maintenance is based on standard rates for parts & hourly rate.

Become a Lease a Bike dealer

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How do I become a Lease a Bike bicycle dealer?

By filling in the registration form on the website. After this we will receive all information needed to partner up. The moment everything is ready and accepted, you will receive a message in your mailbox to confirm your account.

Do I have to sign a contract to become a Lease a Bike bicycle dealer?

Yes! After you are registered via our registration form on the website, we will create an account for you. Once this has been created, you will receive an email to confirm your account.

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