Leasing a cargo bike

Why a cargo bike?

Everything you need to know about the cargo bike

The cargo bike comes in different shapes and sizes to easily transport your child, dog or groceries. They come with or without pedal assistance, with two or three wheels and in all kinds of different colours.

By leasing the bike, you save costs and can use it in your leisure time as well as commuting. Easy to pick up the kids from school in a busy city or to go to the supermarket for a quick ride, as you bypass traffic jams. Take the kids with you and go for a test ride at the local bike shop.

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Benefits of the cargo bike

Every type & brand of cargo bike

Choice of all types of cargo bikes from over 100 brands at over 1,500 locally affiliated bike shops.

Sustainable choice

Cycling to work is better for the environment. One bike saves as much CO2 as three flights to Paris.

All-in lease price

Carefree on the road. Your cargo bike always includes maintenance, insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Fiscal benefit

Leasing a bike is 25% to 80% cheaper than buying, at no cost to the employer and outside the WKR.

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Frequently asked questions cargo bikes

Is a cargo bike heavy pedalling?

One common question is whether cargo bikes don't pedal incredibly hard. This is indeed true for cargo bikes from more than 10 years ago, but a lot of technology has improved since then, making cargo bikes much lighter to pedal and nice and long mileage.

How many kilos are allowed in a cargo bike?

The average three-wheeled cargo bike can carry up to about 150 kilograms of weight (excluding driver). 

Can a cargo bike stand outside?

Can the cargo bike stay outside at all times? Yes, it can. The cargo bikes are designed to withstand wind and weather.