Leasing an adapted bike

Why an adapted bike?

Everything you need to know about the adapted bike

A adapted bike is a specially designed bicycle that has been modified to meet the unique needs of an individual. These bicycles can vary from simple adjustments to complex custom solutions.

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Benefits of a adapted bike

Every type of adapted bicycle & brand

Choose from all types of adapted bicycles from more than 100 brands at more than 1,500 locally affiliated bicycle shops.

Sustainable choice

Cycling to work is better for the environment. One bicycle saves as much CO2 as flying to Paris three times.

All-in lease price

Carefree on the road. Your adapted bicycle always includes maintenance, insurance and 24/7 breakdown assistance.

Fiscal benefit

Leasing a bicycle is 25% to 80% cheaper than buying, without costs for the employer and outside the WKR.

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Frequently asked questions adapted bikes

What is a adapted bike?

An adapted bicycle is, for example, a tricycle, a balance bike, a hand bike or a tandem.

Is a tricycle a disabled vehicle?

All wheelchairs, mobility scooters, tricycles and other electrically powered or combustion engine-equipped disabled vehicles fall under the concept of disabled vehicles.

How much does a Tworby cost?

Compared to the cost of purchasing a complete tricycle, the Tworby offers a much more economical option. The Tworby is available from €1,849, excluding installation costs.