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Why a city bike?

Everything you need to know about city bikes

A city bike, also known as a city bike, is designed for comfortable and effortless urban transport. The wider tyres offer stability and ensure a smooth ride over various urban surfaces. City bikes have upright handlebars and are built with durability in mind, making them ideal for leisurely rides around town. Lightweight and efficient in their simplicity, city bikes make any urban exploration enjoyable.

Cycling, contributes to several health benefits. The beauty of city bikes is that they are suitable for everyone, regardless of your starting level. Unlike other forms of exercise, you do not have to perform at top level right away, making cycling an excellent way to build a good basic fitness level. Add a touch of comfort to your daily city adventures!

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Benefits of a city bike

Any city bike type & brand

Choice of all types of city bikes from over 100 brands at over 1,500 locally affiliated bike shops.

Sustainable choice

Cycling to work is better for the environment. One bike saves as much CO2 as three flights to Paris.

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Carefree on the road. Your city bike always includes maintenance, insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

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Frequently asked questions city bike

What constitutes a city bike?

In the cycling industry, the term 'city bike' is used to describe a bike that requires little maintenance, has relatively thin tyres, that you sit on in a comfortable, upright position and is often equipped with hub gears. Or even no gearing at all. Ideal in the city

How fast can a city bike go?

The average speed of a cyclist therefore depends on several aspects. By being as lightweight and streamlined as possible, cyclists can cycle around 25-30 kilometres per hour on average. Your speed while cycling on a city bike is on average 17 kilometres per hour.

Why cycle instead of a car?

It goes without saying that a bicycle is a lot more environmentally friendly than a car. You have no CO2 emissions and thus counteract extra pollution, however, a bicycle is also always easy to park in the city.