Cervélo bikes

What do you get when you put the Italian word for brain - 'cervello' - and the French word for bike - 'vélo' - together? Exactly: Cervélo. The high-end road bike brand (which also makes state-of-the-art mountain bikes, by the way) is heavily engineering-driven. Every Cervélo road bike follows a highly aerodynamic design, is lightweight and always innovative. Everything at the Dutch-Canadian brand is dedicated to making the fastest bike in the world. It’s not without reason Team Jumbo-Visma's professional cycling team ride Cervélo. Will you soon be too? You can simply lease the Cervélo road bikes through your employer.

Cervélo: the best of the best since 1995

Dutchman Gerard Vroomen was fascinated by bicycle aerodynamics as a student at TU Eindhoven. He even built his own time-trial bike after transferring to Canada's McGill University. Together with Phil White, he is the inventor of 'Baracchi': an extremely aerodynamic bicycle. One problem: the Baracchi did not comply with the modified race rules of the UCI, the international cycling federation. Its successor, the P2 time trial bike, does. Cervélo is making a name for itself as a progressive bike brand. It builds bikes with lightweight aluminium frames with the profile of an aeroplane wing: again, very aerodynamic. Since 2002, Cervélo has been active in the cycling peloton, with team CSC and multiple winners Fabian Cancellara and Carlos Sastre as the faces of the team. In 2012, Cervélo became the property of Dutch company Pon. And in 2022 and 2023, Jonas Vingegaard cycled to historic final victories in the Tour de France on a Cervélo.

Fun fact: from 2022, Lease a Bike is a sponsor of Team Jumbo-Visma, and their brand logo will be on the team's jersey.

"Cervélo bikes are gourmet bikes: they are fast, light and aerodymic"

Lease your Cervélo Soloist or Áspero through your employer

Cervélo is known for its road bikes from the Tour de France, such as the R5 and S5. Besides those bikes for professionals, at Cervélo you will also find high-quality road bikes for the sporty and demanding commuter. After all, you can ride the Soloist, Caledonia-5 and Caledonia through your employer's bike plan. Triathletes and time trial specialists swear by the P5, P-Series and PX-Series. For fans of off-road cycling, there is a fine range in gravel bikes and mountain bikes. They listen to names like R5-CX, Áspero-5, Áspero and the ZHT-5. The Áspero is also available as a - well, very fast - company bike.

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