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What do I do when my bike needs maintenance?

When your bike is in need for maintenance, you can get in contact with one of the Lease a Bike-bike stores. You can schedule an appointment by phone or e-mail.

Important: always indicate that it concerns a Lease a Bike bike and keep your contract ID at hand. You can find your contract ID in the platform under the heading 'contracts'.

Where can I go to for maintenance?

For maintenance, repairs and tire replacement, you can visit one of the 1.500 affiliated bike stores. Want to know which bike store is near by? Click here for the dealer locator. You can visit any Lease a Bike store, so this does not necessarily have to be the same store as where you purchased the bike.

Are all maintenance costs covered?

This depends on the type of service and maintenance package you have chosen:

You can find your chosen service and maintenance package in the platform under the heading 'contracts' > 'contract details'. Have your exceeded your annual budget? Then you pay the exceeded amount directly to the bike store.

What costs are covered by the service and maintenance package?

The service packages cover repairs, annual maintenance and/or service work caused by wear and tear which affect the safety of use or the proper functioning of the lease bike. Repair of damage is not covered by maintenance and is covered by insurance. Read more about this under the heading 'insurance'.

I am in need of roadside assistance, what do I do?

Within each service and insurance package, 24/7 roadside assistance is included. If you break down when you are on the way you can call the number below and you will be helped. Please state clearly that you have a lease bike from Lease a Bike. The breakdown assistance team provides repatriation throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. In most cases, your bike will be repaired on the spot. Is that not possible? Then you will be taken to the nearest bike store.

The telephone number of the roadside assistance team is:  0592-390471.

As a lease bike user, you should do your best to prevent loss or damage. Among other things, keep both original bike keys safe and do not leave the bike unattended. This is also important for making an insurance claim. Has your bike been damaged or stolen? Read all about it on this page.

Is my bike insured against theft?

Yes, all bikes are insured all-risk. Did you lease your bike before the 1st of February 2024. Then the excess for a normal bike or e-bike, speed pedelec or cargo bike, is €0. With a road bike or mountain bike, the excess is 10% of the insured amount, which is the selling price of the bike. Have you leased your bike form the 1st of February 2024? The the excess for a city bike and e-bike is €0,-. The excess for an (e-)cargo bike, speed-pedelec, (e-)racing bike and (e-)mountain bike is 10% of the insured amount if the bike is not equipped with a GPS tracker with recovery service. If the bicycle does have a GPS tracker with recovery service, no excess applies.

If your bike is stolen you will receive a new bike, similar to the one you had of maximum the same price within the existing lease contract.

My bike has been stolen, what should I do?

If your lease bike is stolen, you should first report it to the police. It is important that you have both original keys in your possession and that you include the frame number in the report. You can find the frame number on the delivery confirmation in the Lease a Bike platform.

After you have reported the theft you go to your Lease a Bike store to fill in the theft form together. Meanwhile the bike store orders a new bike. Your existing contract continues.

Am I entitled to borrow a bike in case of damage or theft?

Do you have an e-bike or speed pedelec? Then you are entitled to borrow an e-bike for up to 7 days in the event of damage or theft.

Is my bike insured against damage?

Yes, your lease bike is insured against damage. The excess amount is €25 per claim. You are not insured for damage caused by normal use. This includes wear or damage to tires, bells, dress guards, cables, straps or damage from scratches.

My bike is damaged, what should I do?

Make an appointment as soon as possible with your Lease a Bike-bike store to fill in the damage form together. After approval the bike store will repair the damage as soon as possible.

How does the takeover of the bike work after 36 months?

After 36 months you have the option to take over the bike for the value valid at that time (about 20% of the purchase price). At the end of the contract period you will receive an offer by mail. If you decide to take over your bike, you will pay the takeover price directly to Lease a Bike.

Can I choose not to take over the bike?

Yes, in this case you return the bike to the bike store at the end of the lease contract.

Can I lease a new bike after the lease period?

Absolutely! After your lease contract is over, you can again order a bike with your persona; order code at one of the 1,500 affiliated bike stores.

How to take good care of your lease bike;

Taking your bike to the bike store for maintenance once in a while will make sure you can enjoy your bike longer. We recommend taking your bike to a bike store for a touch-up after 3 months and for maintance on a yearly basis.

Roadside assistance

Are you in need for assistance when you are on the way? Then call the ANWB breakdown service immediately. In most cases, ANWB will repair your bike on the spot; if that is not possible, ANWB will take you to the nearest bike store. If your bike is repaired on the spot, because this repair is usually within your maintenance budget, you can claim the costs via this form.

The phone number of the roadside assistance team is: 0592-390471.

Everything in one platform

At Lease a Bike you arrange almost anything online. You can log in to the platform at any time and find the following information under the heading 'contracts':

My bicycle is stolen, does this affect the purchase price after 36 months?

Yes, when your bike is stolen, the acquisition price will change. Click here for an overview of the takeover price if your bicycle is stolen during the term of the lease contract.