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A bike plan through your employer

Leasing a bike through your employer

The new bike plan

1 out of 2 employees is interested in leasing a bike through their employer. With Lease a Bike you can arrange a bike plan quickly and without any extra costs. This way you and your colleagues can easily save €1,000,- on a new e-bike through tax benefits. Read the benefits here and calculate what your savings would be.

Benefits of leasing a bike

Good terms of employment

50% of employees want the new bike plan. It's a popular extra. This way you can distinguish yourself as an employer!

Fitter employees

Employees are willing to cycle 15 km to work with the e-bike. The bike is good for vitality and good for the world.

Fiscally beneficial

Easily save €1,000 on an e-bike through a minimum of 25% gross-net benefit. Outside the WKR and free of charge for the employer.

All in one platform

Everything is arranged in a few days via our online platform. With minimal administration for the employer.

Calculate how much a bike plan will save you!

Cycling is good. Good for health, good for the world, but also for your wallet! All because of the gross-net advantage you save compared to buying, with a payment in installments. Arrange it quickly via our platform. Without extra costs for the employer and beneficial for the employee. Use our calculator to calculate what you save for your favorite brand and type of bike.

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Where can I pick up my bicycle?

With over 1100 affiliated bike stores, there is always one that is near you. You can go to the local bike store around the corner, but also to one of the specialty stores across the country. For purchase and maintenance. This way you can get on their bicycles without a care in the world. Check our dealer locator for all connected bike stores.

Who handles the insurance and maintenance?

Lease a Bike offers four service and maintenance packages at a competitive rate. In addition, we automatically include all-risk insurance for you. Whichever package you choose, the costs are included in the lease price. This can therefore be deducted from your gross salary. Amazing right?

The annual budget available for service and maintenance per package is:

  • Basic Package: up to € 100 (incl. VAT) 
  • Standard package: up to € 150 (incl. VAT) 
  • Premium package: no risk (only available for E-Bikes)
  • Speed Pedelec package: €300 including VAT (incl. third-party insurance)

Please note: the budget for the Basic, Standard and Speed-pedelec packages is annual. It is not possible to carry over remaining amounts to the new year.

Can I lease accessories for my bike?

Absolutely! For a lease bike, accessories can be leased along for 15% of the recommended retail price. The gross/net benefit therefore also applies here. However, this only applies to accessories that can be attached to the bike, such as a different saddle, panniers, crate or new pedals. Exceptions to this rule are a helmet and chain lock. For other "loose" accessories, such as a rain suit, bike computer, this advantage does not apply and they can therefore not be leased.

Keep in mind that you lease any accessories directly along with your bike. As soon as you leave the store with your new bike, the lease contract is activated. After that, no more accessories can be added.

How does the 7% tax credit work?

First you add 7% of the (recommended) retail price of the bicycle to the income of your cycling colleague. Then you deduct wage (income) tax from this. This is also shown on the paycheck.

Suppose the new price of the chosen bicycle is € 2,500 and the yearly (annual) addition is € 175. If you divide this amount by 12 (months), you arrive at € 14.58 of addition per month. You add this amount to your gross income. This means that each month tax is also paid on this amount. If you then calculate this again, that extra tax comes down to about € 5 per month.

How does the gross/net benefit work?

If your organization cannot or will not pay the full lease amount, the employee leasing the bicycle can voluntarily offset ('exchange') the lease costs and the service and insurance package against the gross salary. The gross salary then decreases slightly, which also means that there is less tax to pay. This way the gross/net benefit has advantages, which even without a contribution from the employer can be up to 35% tax advantage over a private purchase.

Which brands and kind of bicycles does Lease a Bike offer?

We offer all types of bicycles, which is well over 200! From e-bikes to granny bikes and mountain bikes to electric cargo bikes.

Where can my colleagues pick up their bicycles?

With over 1100 affiliated bike stores, there is always one that is near you. You can go to the local bike store around the corner, but also to one of the specialty stores across the country. For purchase and maintenance. This way your colleagues can get on their bicycles without a care in the world. Check our dealer locator for all connected bike stores.

How do I manage the lease contracts in payroll?

For your convenience, all new lease contracts take effect as of the first day of the month. Even if your colleague picks up the bicycle before that time. This is because we make a distinction between the day of issue and the start date of the contract:

  • Day of issue - as of this date, tax addition is calculated
  • Start date of contract - as of the first of the month, your cycling colleague pays a monthly lease amount for 36 months

If your company pays the entire amount, you only need to process the addition in the paycheck. If your company makes a contribution or only facilitates the lease, you process both the addition and the monthly lease amount in the paycheck records.

Who handles the insurance and maintenance?

Our goal is to make it as carefree as possible for (unburden/easy) you. That's why we provide all our bikes with standard all-risk insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. In addition, your colleague can choose between the following maintenance packages at a competitive rate:

  • Basic Package: up to € 100 (incl. VAT) per year covered 
  • Standard package: up to € 150 (incl. VAT) per year covered
  • Premium package: everything will be covered, i.e. there are no risks (only available for E-Bikes)
  • Speed Pedelec package: up to €300 (incl. VAT) per year covered (including third-party insurance)

The exact insurance amount depends on the price of the bicycle. The monthly service and insurance costs are included in the lease price.

In what forms can we offer the bike plan?

Each company can create and design its own lease plan. To give you an idea of what that might look like, we give three examples:

  • The company pays the full, monthly lease cost. Your colleague pays 7% additional tax each month. This can be done as a fringe benefit, as part of the mobility budget or from the lease car budget. 
  • The company pays a fixed amount per month. Your colleague pays the rest.
  • The company facilitates the lease arrangement. Your colleague pays the lease costs by voluntarily exchanging the gross salary and this is still up to 35% cheaper than a private purchase. 

In sum, your cycling colleague could be dealing with two expenses:

  • The monthly lease costs (plus service and maintenance costs)
  • 7% additional tax. These costs are always for the employee, as compensation for the private use of the bicycle.
What about the untaxed allowance per kilometre?

The untaxed allowance can be combined with the lease bike. This is how it works: 

For commuter kilometers with the lease bicycle there is no right to the untaxed kilometer compensation. But for the kilometers covered by other means of transport - such as your own car or public transport - you may continue to pay the kilometer compensation.


Suppose that before the bike plan, your colleague went to work five days a week by private car. They received an allowance for this. Now that the colleague has a lease bike, they cycle to work two days a week and three days a week use their own car. This means that you can continue to pay a kilometer allowance for three days a week. As a company, you can of course reinvest the two days of allowance in the lease amount at no cost, which means the company employee pays a lower monthly amount.

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