Great minds lease a bike

Unique stories of our cyclists

I don't necessarily have to be the best or fastest on the racing bike. It's all about freedom to me. I love bike rides to the city of Elburg with my boyfriend and dog.


De Jong & Laan


I exchanged my daily car kilometers for working from home and traveling with speed pedelec. One or two days a week I take my speed pedelec for the return trip from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, about 125 km in total.




A year ago I opted for an electric cargo bike. To my own surprise, I already covered 1,200 km with it. My 1.5 year old son is also a big fan!


Rotterdam Airport


I always wanted to get from A to B as quickly as I could, preferably by car. Since I own this bike, I am using it a lot. I move more than ever before and I really pay attention to my surroundings.


Konica Minolta


Climbing Kilimanjaro and the wildlife along the way; it made a deep impression on me. The trip and the training kilometers increased my love for cycling.




Get inspired!

Good for your health, good for your wallet, good for the world! That is why we also say: Great minds lease a bike. Cycling is for everyone. From HR manager, tax employee to self-employed; on a mountain bike, city bike to speed pedelec. The bike is not just a means of transport. It's a way to enjoy life. Be inspired by the unique stories of our cyclists.

Meet our great minds. You probably recognize yourself in one of them?

Why bike leasing?

Carefree on the road

With our tax-advantaged bike plan, we arrange everything from service to insurance. This means that our cyclists can always hit the road without any worries.

Fitter than ever

Cycling keeps you healthy. This way you arrive at work or any other destination full of energy. Make cycling your favorite morning routine.

Affordable pricing

Leasing a bicycle is at least 25% cheaper than buying it, with acquisition and payment in installments. Without extra costs for the employer!

Sustainable choice

Sustainable does not have to be expensive! Cycling to work is better for the environment. And that immediately saves you high petrol prices.

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