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Sparta has been around since 1917 and it is impossible to imagine the cycling landscape without it. Sparta breathes innovation. Sparta responds to the latest technologies and delivers new top-quality products every year. Many innovative models have been invented by Sparta. The introduction of the very first e-bike was done by Sparta. Also the famous transport bike and the new version of the iconic granny bike: The Granny.

The first Sparta e-bike

Sparta was the first to market an electric bike, the Sparta Ion. It was introduced in 1998. This electric bike is considered the forerunner of electric bicycles, and with it Sparta opened the way for itself and the bicycle industry for further developments in electric bicycles.

Apart from developing the first e-bike, Sparta to this day also keeps busy innovating its e-bikes. Thus, Sparta has advanced technologies for the drive train, battery and smart electronics to develop e-bikes that meet the needs of different cyclists.

Sparta also considers it important to pay attention to sustainability and environmental awareness when manufacturing bikes.

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Sparta offers different types of bikes, including many electric bikes. A well-known line is the Sparta A-lane. Are you curious if there is a model for you, check out the range.

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