Lovens electric cargo bike

The electric cargo bike for a more sustainable future

Lovens is an expert in design. Lovens designs electric cargo bikes that are distinctive, innovative and stylish. Built to give you the feeling of freedom and fun every day. That is Lovens' goal. Go and stand wherever you want. With Lovens, you are free and independent. No traffic jams, no searching for parking spaces or lugging heavy bags.

Lovens' electric cargo bikes are of high quality. Equipped with maximum protection for your precious cargo in the Lovens Explorer. With state-of-the-art design and innovative technology, Lovens goes further where others stop.

Lovens electric cargo bikes

Lovens has three different cargo bikes in its range, namely the Lovens Explorer S50, the Explorer S75 and the Explorer S85. The Lovens Explorer S85 is the most powerful version so far. The powerful motor gives you an extra push when pulling away or accelerating. The cargo bike is designed to carry heavy loads with ease, such as groceries or three children in the cargo box. 

The Lovens S75 and S85 are available with ABS. The system prevents locking of the front wheel, helping to prevent skidding. This means that even during spontaneous hard braking, you remain safely in the saddle, not bouncing, whether you are riding on a firm surface of asphalt or wet. Thus, Lovens ABS ensures you come to a safe stop and you are secure in any situation.

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Lovens is again this year's winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design award. The Lovens Explorer with ABS won in the product discipline, within the Bikes category. With the ABS innovation, Lovens adds another important element to the electric cargo bike.

"With Lovens, you experience the freedom of mobility in style, every day"

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