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Urban e-bikes from Cowboy

Cowboy is a Belgian bicycle brand known for its innovative and stylish electric bicycles (e-bikes). The brand focuses on urban mobility and offers bikes designed for daily use in the city. Cowboy bikes are known for their sleek and design, integrated technology and user-friendly features.

The battery is integrated into the bike's frame, which adds to its streamlined look and provides better weight distribution. Cowboy bikes are equipped with smart technologies, such as built-in GPS, a smartphone app for tracking and navigation, and automatic software updates via the app. The electric assistance automatically adjusts based on riding conditions, ensuring a smooth and efficient riding experience.

The bikes are equipped with integrated lighting and disc brakes for better visibility and safety. Cowboy has positioned itself as a premium brand within the e-bike market, targeting users who are looking for a combination of style, technology and ease of use for their daily trips around town.

Different models of Cowboy

Cowboy's range includes several models designed to meet different needs and styles:

  • Classic: The original model Cowboy launched. It combines speed with a streamlined look, perfect for the urban cyclist.
  • Cruiser: Offers a more relaxed riding position with its unique design. It is the ideal choice for those who want to combine comfort and style in their daily rides.
  • Cruiser ST: A step-through variant of the Cruiser, designed for easy mounting and dismounting. Ideal for city dwellers looking for a combination of ease of use and elegance.
  • Connect: A smart e-bike that offers advanced technologies, allowing riders to personalise and optimise their ride via the Cowboy app.
  • Circular: Cowboy's latest addition, focused on sustainability. This model is built with recycled materials and parts, contributing to a greener future for urban mobility.

Why a Cowboy e-bike?

Cowboy has taken a strong position in the world of electric bikes. The brand remains committed to innovation and sustainability, aiming to change urban mobility for good.

With a Cowboy e-bike, riders not only choose an efficient and stylish way to travel, but also contribute to a greener, more connected city.

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Note: you can currently only lease Cowboy bikes through physical shops. Check which bike shops the e-bikes are available at via the dealer locator.

"With a Cowboy e-bike, you navigate the city stylishly and effortlessly."

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