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Cannondale is all about innovative bicycles that are built for adventure. The American-born brand, now owned by a Dutch company, specializes in mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, and touring bikes, as well in sturdy city bikes. All of these bikes can be part of a bike plan, starting at just a few tens of euros per month. Cannondale bicycles are technically advanced, strong, and lightweight, and offer that extra bit of excitement, with or without electric support. With your Cannondale, you can just as easily commute to work as you can go on a nice tour in your spare time. On or off-road.

Cannondale: over half a century of technical innovation

In 1971 American Joe Montgomery opens a production company in bike trailers, backpacks, and camping gear above a pickle factory in Wilton, Connecticut. Cannondale is born. It isn't until 1983 that bicycles are added to their lineup: touring bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. Each model follows a clear philosophy: they are handmade models with a lightweight aluminum frame. This was a breakthrough at a time when bikes were mainly made of steel. In the following years, Cannondale revolutionized the bicycle market with its new approach to the ideal riding position and its innovative technology. For instance, Cannondale experimented with lightweight carbon before it became mainstream. And none other than Cannondale introduced the single-sided fork.

"Cannondale bicycles are technically advanced, strong, and lightweight"

The company e-bike: from the Cannondale Adventure to the Cannondale Moterra.

Cannondale offers e-bikes with a range of up to 200 kilometers. From the urban Adventure, Mavaro, Tesoro or Quick, to the off-road Moterra. Cannondale's gravel bikes and road bikes are also available with pedal assist. Because even as a sporty cyclist, sometimes you want a little push, especially if you commute to work every day.

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