Tworby: stay mobile with your own bike

Tworby gives existing bicycles a longer life and ensures more opportunities in the job market. Tworby is made by people with a distance to the labor market.

A Tworby bike is the perfect choice for cyclists who no longer dare or are able to ride on a two-wheeler! This applies to the elderly or people with a disease or disability. With Tworby bikes, these individuals can once again fully enjoy cycling. Tworby's smart, reliable, and patented technology can transform almost any bike into a reliable tricycle.

Tworby: keeps people moving, anytime and anywhere

The idea of Tworby came about in 2018 due to a combination of circumstances and was officially founded in January 2019. The concept emerged in response to the phenomenon of double aging in the Netherlands. A significant number of seniors enjoy cycling, but unfortunately, the risk of accidents also increases with age. This group has up to twelve times higher chances of bicycle accidents compared to individuals under 65. If one of these seniors experiences an accident, there is a possibility that they may no longer feel confident, able, or allowed to ride a bike. This loss of confidence results in a significant reduction in their self-reliance, ultimately leading to more physical and mental health issues, contributing to social isolation.

Through Tworby's patented technology, almost any two-wheeler can be transformed into a tricycle. This translates to freedom, self-reliance, vitality, and traffic safety for seniors, individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, or anyone in need of increased stability. It envisions an inclusive world for everyone. Tworby holds a CE marking and is officially classified as a medical device. Beyond its sustainability in extending the bicycle's lifecycle, Tworby is also financially advantageous. Many seniors own expensive electric bikes, which can easily be converted into tricycles.

"The goal of Tworby is crystal clear: Tworby aims to keep people moving, anytime and anywhere!"

Lease your Tworby through your employer!

Tworby is the product for safer, longer, healthier, and more sustainable cycling. It is possible to convert almost all types of bicycles with Tworby. The rear wheel is removed from the two-wheeler, and in its place, the Tworby is installed. This allows you to quickly and safely hit the road again with your familiar bike, now equipped with three wheels, and still able to fit through doorways.

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