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Every Trek bike is built to enhance your ride, whether you're going off-road with all your gear on remote gravel roads or touring from town to town, Trek's touring and bikepacking bikes will give you plenty of adventures. Built to handle the harsh conditions of multi-day adventures, these bikes are packed with attachment points for accessories so you can stay on the road for longer. On a bike, you'll enjoy the scenery the most no matter where you go.

The History of Trek

Trek Bicycle Corporation, often referred to simply as Trek, is an American bicycle company. It was founded in 1976 by Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg in Waterloo, Wisconsin. In the beginning, they mainly made handmade steel frames as a small company. The company's name is a synonym of the Dutch words tocht and reis. An invention of Hogg, of South African nationality and therefore familiar with the African and Dutch meanings of the word.

Trek is one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers. With their Madone (designed as an aeroro road bike), Domane (comfort racer) and Emonda series, they set the standard in road bikes, while the Procaliber series market leading MTB series. There is also a line in pedal-assisted electric mountain bikes under the name Powerfly.

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Trek now offers much more than just sporty bikes. They also have e-bikes, for example, Trek's electric bikes are really top quality. Trek has a wide range of bikes for sports and leisure, both electric and non-electric. Also, if you need a bike for commuting, Trek is right for you. They have high-quality e-bikes and regular bikes in different price ranges, all fully equipped. Found a favourite Trek bike yet? Get ready for carefree rides!

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