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KOGA bikes are super light, sporty and finished to perfection in luxury. They are the bikes you can count on, whether you are cycling around town or on a tour. Every time you get on a KOGA bike, you simply experience the ultimate cycling pleasure. They ride great and are truly top quality, making every ride special. What makes them truly unique is their quirky design with beautiful colours and subtle logos. No wonder they have already won several design awards.

The KOGA WorldTraveller won the award for Bike of the Year 2024 from the RAI! This is already the third time this bike has won this award, having previously done so in 1999 and 2012.

The history of Koga

In 1974, when people had more free time due to a shorter working week, Koga entered the market as a newcomer. Andries Gaastra, formerly sales director at Batavus, started Koga B.V. in Heerenveen when his father Gerrit sold the Batavus company. He combined the first letters of his wife Marion Kowallik's surname with those of his own surname to form the brand name Koga.

Gaastra's goal was to introduce an exclusive line of lightweight bicycles. He began by assembling the very first Koga bikes at his home in Oranjewoud, near Heerenveen. But soon he decided to outsource certain tasks to meet exclusive demands. When Koga became an importer of Shimano parts, it started building a network with other Japanese bicycle manufacturers, including Miyata. Miyata had been producing bicycle frames for 80 years at that time. Until 2010, frames were produced by Miyata and the brand name carried the addition Miyata.

"Designed with care"

100% tested for super quality

At KOGA, they pride themselves on the craftsmanship of their mechanics. Every KOGA bike is hand-built by one mechanic in Heerenveen. They carefully select craftsmen and give them the right training, because they know that attention to detail is important. The result? A bike perfect for bike lovers like you. And it doesn't stop there: with every KOGA bike, you receive a bike passport with the name and photo of the top mechanic who built your bike.

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