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Giant: Unlease each rider’s full potential

As a leading global brand, Giant is known for high-quality bikes. Giant's goal is therefore to bring out the best in every cyclist. Giant creates bikes and associated equipment that not only bring pleasure, but also a sense of casualness.

One of the leading players in cycling innovations

Giant is part of the Giant Group and was founded in 1972. They combine the brand's craftsmanship, technology and innovative design. Giant has long been one of the key players in cycling and cycling innovations. At a time when steel was an industry standard, Giant introduced stronger, lighter aluminium frames. In addition, Giant was the first bike brand to make carbon bikes widely available to the world. Giant also defined the look and feel of modern road bikes with their Compact Road technology. Giant is a complete ecosystem of bikes, equipment and service, seamlessly connected and always accessible. You can find Giant in more than 12,000 shops around the world.

Lease your Giant Dailytour or Giant Allure through your employer

Giant is the world's leading brand of high-quality bikes and cycling equipment. Go for a Giant Defy Advanced 2, Giant Dailytour or a Giant Allure. Giant brings out the best in every cyclist. You can also find them in more than 12,000 shops worldwide.

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