Keep riding your bike with Tworby!

For us, a bike is not just a way of transport. For us, a bike is a way to enjoy life and move around freely and safely. Wherever you come from. Wherever you are going. To achieve this goal, the cooperation with Tworby is a big step in the right direction. 

Is cycling suddenly no longer an option? Due to balance problems or a (temporary) disability, you may need more stability. The Tworby can provide that, turning a (electric) bike into a stylish tricycle. This way, we give everyone the opportunity to stay fit and mobile with the help of your lease bike.

"For us, a bike is not just a way of transport. For us, a bike is a way to enjoy life and do good."

We recently partnered with Tworby, a perfect match in terms of our vision, the entire Netherlands on a bike. A bike accessory that easily converts almost any bicycle into a tricycle. So you can continue cycling even with a disability. 

Together with Tworby, we try to activate as many people as possible to keep getting on their dream bike. After all, cycling is not only good for your health and good for your wallet, but also good for the world. 

Keep riding your own bike

Tworby is an accessory that can convert a bicycle into a tricycle without having to buy a new one. In no time, you can be safely on the road with your own bike. 

Mr Koemeester had his two-wheeler converted to a tricycle because the left side of his body was paralysed by a brain infarct. The Tworby boosts his self-reliance as well as his rehabilitation process. He cycles a few times a week for work, exercise or sports and for his social contacts. Up to 15 kilometres, cycling is no problem for him, only after that it becomes more difficult.

"I used to associate cycling with discomfort, crowding and insecurity, but after six months, that is no longer the case."

An easy online platform

Online via the dealer locator you can find which dealers offer Tworby as an accessory. Once you have found the nearest dealer, Tworby is easy to lease along with the bike. And you pay for it along with your monthly bike lease amount. The specialist dealer will give you the bike complete with Tworby installed. 

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