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... and save up to 35% compared to buying.

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Convince your employer

Caught your eye on a lease bike? Convince your employer! Good to know: a bicycle plan through Lease a Bike comes with no additional costs for your employer. Our promise; easy to setup and a transparent process. What's not great about that?


Sign up

If your employer is convinced registering is the next step. Once the contracts are signed, after a quick credit check you as an employee will receive a registration link to sign up for your dream bike


Get on the bike

Choose the bike of your dreams. The sky is the limit: you can choose from any type of bike and brand. What do you want: quality, speed, cargo space or fun? We've got you covered.


Own your bike

You sign a 36-month contract with your employer. It is possible to buy your bike after your lease period. You then pay about 15% of the retail price at the end of the lease terms. 

Calculate what you can save

Want to know how much you can save? Calculate it in less than 1 minute!

Biking is good for your health. Biking is good for your wallet. Leasing a bike over buying is 35% more financially beneficial. Why? Because the price of the bike is deducted from the employee's gross salary. In fact, if you decide to contribute as an employer, your employees can save up to 80% compared to buying.

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Do you want that new bike? We will send you information that you can forward 1-on-1 to your employer to promote the new Bicycle Plan.


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Pick up your bike around the corner

With more than 1.500+ dealers across the country, you can easily pick up your bike just around the corner. This is also very useful if your bike needs maintenance or repair.

Choose from all types of bikes from more than 200+ brands

Get on the bike of your dreams

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How does the 7% tax credit work?

First you add 7% of the retail price of the bicycle to your income. Then you deduct wage (income) tax from this. This is also shown on the paycheck.

Suppose the new price of the chosen bicycle is € 2,500 and the yearly addition is €175. If you divide this amount by 12 (months), you arrive at €14.58 of addition per month. You add this amount to your gross income. This means that each month tax is also paid on this amount. If you then calculate this again, that extra tax comes down to about € 5 per month.

Who handles the insurance and maintenance?

Our goal is to make it as carefree as possible for you. That's why we provide all our bikes with standard all-risk insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. In addition, you choose between the following maintenance packages at a competitive rate:

  • Basic Package: up to € 100 (incl. VAT) per year covered 
  • Standard package: up to € 150 (incl. VAT) per year covered
  • Premium package: everything will be covered, i.e. there are no risks (only available for E-Bikes)
  • Speed Pedelec package: up to €300 (incl. VAT) per year covered (including third-party insurance)

The exact amount for insurance depends on the price of the bicycle. The monthly service and insurance costs are incorporated into the lease amount. The maintenance package includes maintenance, repairs and service work caused by wear and tear (including tires).

Which brands and types of bicycles are participating?

We offer all types of bicycles, which is well over 200! From e-bikes to granny bikes and mountain bikes to electric cargo bikes.

How does the gross/net benefit work?

If your organization cannot or will not pay the full lease amount, you can voluntarily offset ('exchange') the lease costs and the service and insurance package against the gross salary. The gross salary then decreases slightly, which also means that there is less tax to pay. This way the gross/net benefit has advantages. Depending on which tax bracket you're in, you can save up to 35% compared to buying a bicycle privately. If your employer also makes a contribution to the lease amount, you save up to 80%!

What about the untaxed allowance per kilometer?

You can easily combine them with the lease bike. This is how it works: 

For commuter kilometers with the lease bicycle you don’t have a right to the untaxed kilometer compensation. But for the kilometers covered by other means of transport - such as your own car or public transport - you may continue to receive the kilometer compensation.


Suppose that before the bike plan, you went to work five days a week by private car. They received an allowance for this. Now that you have a lease bike, you cycle to work two days a week and use your car three days a week. This means that you can continue to pay a kilometer allowance for three days a week. Your employer can reinvest the two days of allowance in the lease amount at no cost, which means you would pay an even lower monthly amount.

Where can I pick up my bicycle?

With over 1100 affiliated bike stores, there is always one that is near you. You can go to the local bike store around the corner, but also to one of the specialty stores across the country. For purchase and maintenance. This way you can get on their bicycles without a care in the world. Check our dealer locator for all connected bike stores.

Who handles the insurance and maintenance?

Lease a Bike offers four service and maintenance packages at a competitive rate. In addition, we automatically include all-risk insurance for you. Whichever package you choose, the costs are included in the lease price. This can therefore be deducted from your gross salary. Amazing right?

The annual budget available for service and maintenance per package is:

  • Basic Package: up to € 100 (incl. VAT) 
  • Standard package: up to € 150 (incl. VAT) 
  • Premium package: no risk (only available for E-Bikes)
  • Speed Pedelec package: €300 including VAT (incl. third-party insurance)

Please note: the budget for the Basic, Standard and Speed-pedelec packages is annual. It is not possible to carry over remaining amounts to the new year.

Can I lease accessories for my bike?

Absolutely! For a lease bike, accessories can be leased along for 15% of the recommended retail price. The gross/net benefit therefore also applies here. However, this only applies to accessories that can be attached to the bike, such as a different saddle, panniers, crate or new pedals. Exceptions to this rule are a helmet and chain lock. For other "loose" accessories, such as a rain suit, bike computer, this advantage does not apply and they can therefore not be leased.

Keep in mind that you lease any accessories directly along with your bike. As soon as you leave the store with your new bike, the lease contract is activated. After that, no more accessories can be added.

What expenses will I be making?

The bottom line is that you may be dealing with one expense:

  • The monthly lease expense.
  • 7% addition. These costs are always for the employee, as compensation for the private use of the bicycle. For more information on how the addition works, see "How does the 7% tax credit work?"
I (partly) pay for my lease bike myself. Can I voluntarily exchange my gross salary?

Absolutely! If the company where you work facilitates the lease bike plan and therefore does not make a monthly contribution, you may pay your monthly costs from your gross salary. This is called voluntary exchange. The ‘Belastingdienst’ (tax authorities) have specified this in the so-called cafeteria plan. Through this construction, your gross salary is temporarily reduced by the monthly lease amount.

Does this affect my pension or vacation allowance?

If you agree with the company where you work that you will voluntarily exchange your gross salary, you will make arrangements together about how this will be handled in the payroll system and whether it will affect your pension, vacation allowance, bonus or thirteenth month. In our experience, a lease bike does not usually affect this.

In practice, we see that all employers ensure that this has no impact on the aforementioned issues.

Does this affect a mortgage application?

A lease bike can have an impact on the amount of an employee's mortgage. An employee (as opposed to someone who is self-employed) does not get a BKR listing. However, it can have a small impact on the amount of the mortgage.
An explanation:

The lease company and the company have a business agreement for leased bicycles, which in principle works just like a lease car.

  • The company pays the monthly lease amount to the lease company.
  • The company has chosen to facilitate the arrangement in which the employee can exchange part of the bicycle through his or her gross salary. This is known in the Netherlands as the cafeteria plan.
  • In concrete terms, this means that at that time the SVZ wage is voluntarily reduced. In this example, it means that when a €40,000 gross salary is earned, the annual wage is temporarily reduced by €1200 to €38,800. In some cases, the SVZ wage is also increased if it is decided to sell 5 vacation days.

This means that the mortgage (and possibly other things like rent allowance) is calculated on an amount of €38,800. This of course has an impact on the amount that can be loaned.

What happens to the bike after 36 months?

After the lease term has expired, you can take over your lease bike from us for about 15% of the new value. The exact price depends on the condition of your bike after 36 months. 

Would you rather return the bike? No problem. We'll take it back free of charge. No small print, no worries!

Is there a maximum amount I can spend on the bicycle?

Yes. The company where you work determines the maximum amount. It is important that this is respected. 

If you are looking for a bicycle that is more expensive than the maximum amount specified by the company where you work, you will unfortunately not be able to pay the difference yourself. If you do have your sights set on a more expensive bike, you should contact your HR department to discuss the possibilities. 

Good to know: even if the company where you work 'merely' facilitates the bike plan, a company bicycle is up to 35% cheaper than a private purchase! This has to do with the fiscal advantage of a company bicycle.

Can I trade in my old bike at the bike dealer so that the price of my lease bike can be reduced?

Yes this is possible, but it is good to keep two things in mind:

1. The bike is insured for the sale price. If you trade in your bike, the sale price is lower. This means that if your bike is stolen you will not be able to get the same bike in return.

2. It is more profitable for yourself to arrange this outside the platform. Suppose the value of the bicycle is €500. You then factor this in as a discount on your lease price. Although this reduces the lease price, it is not proportionate to the €500 because you have no gross/net benefit over the €500. It is therefore smarter to get the €500 in cash from the bike store and put the bike on the lease for the full price.

My bicycle has been stolen, what do I do now?

How annoying! Unfortunately this can happen. If your bike is stolen, first report it to the police. It is important that you have both original keys in your possession and that you include the frame number in the report. You can find this number via our platform.

After reporting the theft you go to your Lease a Bike store to fill out a theft form together. This is a digital form that the bike store can find in the platform. The bike store will then request a new bike for you. And in the meantime, you will receive a comparable rental bike - as quickly as possible - for a maximum of seven days. Your contract continues. In case of theft there is no excess, except for a racing or mountain bike. For these bikes, the excess in the event of theft is 10% of the new value.

Do you have a Speed-Pedelec leased bicycle? Then it is necessary to indicate on the report that it is a Speed-Pedelec vehicle. It is mandatory to include the license plate number. 

I've had damage to my bike, what do I do now?

If you notice that you have damage to your bicycle, make an appointment with your Lease a Bike store as soon as possible to fill in a damage form together. This is a digital form that the bike store can find in the platform. After approval, the bike store will repair the damage on the spot. If that doesn’t work, you will be given a comparable replacement bike for a maximum of seven days. Your contract continues as usual. An excess of €25 applies to any damage, except for racing and mountain bikes. For these bikes, the excess is € 50 per claim.

I have damage caused by someone else, what do I do now?

If you have been involved in an accident and there is a third party involved, you can call in the personal injury assistance of DAS. They can hold the insurer of the party that caused the accident liable on your behalf and claim the material and immaterial damage. 

Check Das lets injury for more information, or contact the personal injury helpdesk of DAS:

T: 020-6517215

E: [email protected]

Good to know, they work on a no cure no pay basis. This means that they collect the costs from the insurer of the person who caused the damage. You therefore run no financial risk. 

Tip: have you been involved in an accident? Take pictures of the situation and write down the contact details of the other party (parties).

I have trouble on the road, what do I do?

Within each service and insurance package is 24/7 repatriation service included. If you break down on the road you can call the number below and you will be assisted. Please indicate clearly that you have a lease bike from Lease a Bike. The breakdown assistance team provides repatriation throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. From the place where you were stranded to your local Lease a Bike store. If the bike store is not open at that time, you will be taken home.

The phone number of the breakdown assistance team is: 088-1121776.

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